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Tulip Trio on Vellum (thumbnail) Paphiopedilum in Gouache (thumbnail) parrot tulip (thumbnail) Large Amaryllis (thumbnail) Red Amaryllis (thumbnail) Pink Tulip Print (thumbnail) Orange Tulips (thumbnail) Yellow and Red Tulip on Black (thumbnail) Phalaenopsis Orchid (thumbnail) Orchid "Lava Flow" (thumbnail) Purple Calla Lilies (thumbnail) Three Tulips (thumbnail) Yellow and Red Tulip on Black, Open (thumbnail) Olympic Flame Tulip (thumbnail) orange tulips (thumbnail) Sweet Magnolia Blossom (thumbnail) Paphiopedilum With Graphite (thumbnail) Paphiopedilum 2 (thumbnail) Red Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Old World Tulip (thumbnail) Red and White Lily-Flowering Tulip (thumbnail) Orchid (thumbnail) Pink Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Peony on vellum (thumbnail) Three Peach Tulips on Vellum (thumbnail) Peony on Vellum, 1 (thumbnail) tulip on vellum (thumbnail) Two Red and White Tulips (thumbnail) orange tulips print (thumbnail) Striped Tulip on Vellum (thumbnail) Two Peach Tulips on Vellum (thumbnail) Green and White Parrot Tulip on Vellum (thumbnail) Small Olymic Flame on Vellum (thumbnail) Tree Peonies (thumbnail) Parrot Tulip on Vellum (thumbnail) Old World Tulip 2 (thumbnail) White peony (thumbnail) Pansies (thumbnail) Black Parrot Tulip on Vellum (thumbnail) Crocus on Vellum (thumbnail) Tulip on Black (thumbnail) Iris (thumbnail) Yellow and Red Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Red, White, and Blue Tulip (thumbnail) Iris (thumbnail) Large Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Light Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Bright Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Gold Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Red Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Purple Peony Tulip (thumbnail) RedParrotTulip 2 (thumbnail) Caribbean Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Amaryllis (thumbnail) Purple Crocus (thumbnail) Red Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Yellow Calla Lilies (thumbnail) Parrot Tulips in Graphite (thumbnail) On Comet (thumbnail) Joy (thumbnail) Amaryllis (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Jellyfish Santa (thumbnail) Red Parrot Tulip 3 (thumbnail) Gold Iris (thumbnail) New Red Tulip (thumbnail) Black Parrot Tulip 2 (thumbnail) World Expression Tulip (thumbnail) White Iris (thumbnail) Cyclamen 1 (thumbnail) White Cyclamen 2 (thumbnail) Violet Tulip (thumbnail) New Black Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Red Cyclamen (thumbnail) Red Cyclamen Duo (thumbnail) White Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Two tulips (thumbnail) Red Cyclamen Duo (thumbnail) White Calla Lily (thumbnail) Red Cyclamen (thumbnail) Olympic Flame and Peony Tulip (thumbnail) Iris 3 (thumbnail) Red Parrot Tulip 3 (thumbnail) Red Parrot Tulip 4 (thumbnail) Painting Process (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Daydream Tulip (thumbnail) Sweetheart Tulip (thumbnail) Tulips and Solomon's Seal on Blue (thumbnail) Tulips and Solomon's Seal on Blue (thumbnail) Tulip on Blue (thumbnail) Stretched Canvas (thumbnail) Flowers on Blue (thumbnail)
Red Parrot Tulip 4 (large view)
Red Parrot Tulip 4
36" H x 40" W x 1.5" D