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Peony on Vellum, 1 (thumbnail) parrot tulip (thumbnail) Old World Tulip (thumbnail) Red and White Lily-Flowering Tulip (thumbnail) Tree Peonies (thumbnail) tulip on vellum (thumbnail) Peony on vellum (thumbnail) Small Olymic Flame on Vellum (thumbnail) Purple Crocus (thumbnail) Red Parrot Tulip 3 (thumbnail) Large Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Purple Peony Tulip (thumbnail) Light Parrot Tulip (thumbnail) Paphiopedilum in Gouache (thumbnail) Red Cyclamen (thumbnail) Red Cyclamen Duo (thumbnail) Violet Tulip (thumbnail) White Cyclamen 2 (thumbnail) RedParrotTulip 2 (thumbnail) Red, White, and Blue Tulip (thumbnail) Daydream Tulip (thumbnail) Red Parrot Tulip 4 (thumbnail)
Red Parrot Tulip 3 (large view)
Red Parrot Tulip 3
36" H x 48" W